Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Commission Conviction #2 (8/24/08)

The Great Commission harvest is plentiful (Mt.9:37); our city, county, state and country are desperately hungry but few have been presented a clear and accurate description of God’s love for them and his free gift of salvation. God is working on every single person alive today (Jn.12:32-33) and we’re the ones he strategically put in their lives here and now (Acts 17:26) to reach them with His amazing grace. The workers are what is lacking (Mt.9:37). Conviction #2 - We must emphasize the ripeness of the harvest and invite others to labor with us in this great revival. We must realize that the idea that we’re in a “hard place” where not many people are hungry for the gospel is a lie and believe the Truth that He has strategically placed us here in a very ripe harvest where He is already working in the lives of every person around us.

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