Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Commission Conviction #4 (8/24/08)

The Great Commission is possible; the Bible and His Holy Spirit alone provide all we need to be successful in accomplishing it. We don’t need the newest, greatest trick or method (2 Peter 1:3, Col.1:28-29 and Acts 1:8 again). Every church in America has done the Saddleback/Willow Creek/40 days method and we’re in the same boat we were 5 years ago (maybe even worse). Those are great resources but we must go straight to the Word and put that directly into practice here, now (James 1:22). There is no special trick or method we’re missing creating the trouble we’re in. We simply must be obedient to His command in the power of His Holy Spirit. He will bless that as He blesses all who step out in such obedience (ex. Saddleback, Willow Creek). Obedience is the issue. Conviction #4 - We must quit looking for a magic bullet or special method and simply begin stepping out in obedience to His Great Commission, in the power of His Spirit, in this area. God will give us the right direction from there. God never gives direction until we’re obedient to what He’s already given (see Jonah). If we simply step out in obedience His all encompassing blessing will overwhelm us.

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