Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darwin’s Birthday is Coming Up! - February 11th, 2009

Quick update and prayer reminder. Tomorrow night is our Creation/Evolution Open Forum “debate” (celebrating Darwin’s 200th birthday) with the Secular Humanist Intellectual Thinking Society (the campus Atheists). It will be a great time and we need you to fight this fight with us in prayer and fasting. If you can join us fasting let me know. Last forum I believe 6 or 8 of you fasted. Thank you so much. We will strive to give the best answers we can but God is the one who must change hearts. Pray for me and the students who will be on the forum with me (Chris and Mark). Mark and I just got to share with one of the guys who attended the last forum who is leaning towards Buddhism. We were able to share Christ with him for 2 hours!!! During that conversation the president of the Secular Humanists came and joined us. I asked the student we had been talking to what he thought of the last forum and he replied, to the president of the secular humanist club, that their positions were weak, contradictory and all over the place and that he didn’t have a clue how humanism could possibly be a decent worldview. I was shocked at how bluntly one non-Christian told the other of the shortcomings of atheism. Pray for both these men and more similar stories. Micah 2:13.

That being said, for all you YWAMers on our team, we’re doing Angels and Mortals with our students this week; it is a time where everyone gets one other person to secretly bless and encourage all week. It is a great time of expressing Christ’s love to each other. Pray the students will take initiative in extravagantly blessing and loving each other.

Well, every Wednesday we do scheduled evangelism with all the students from 11 am to 1 pm in the College Union Building. We’ve been having amazing times of sharing. Pray it goes well today!

We miss and love each of you.

Nate, Erin and Eliana

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