Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Darwin, Angels and Pastors! - February 18th, 2009

Thank you all for fasting and praying for the forum. The forum went well but definitely quite different than the first. The secular humanist club wanted a full fledge debate - not an open forum. We reluctantly agreed to that format. It ended up being a lot more tense than the first with a lot of emotions involved. I think the atmosphere was a product of both the debate oriented format but also a function of the polarized sides coming into the debate. Regardless, I walked out wishing certain things had gone better (less heated) but thankful we were able to address a lot of the lies being told on our campus. The feedback we’ve gotten so far from the secular humanist club is that they (and their students) felt and have been hearing that their side had too many powerpoint slides and very little information, while our side had tons of information. This is good news and I’m excited to hear this from them. Multiple other non-Christians have also told us since that the content we presented was “brilliant,” and that they were surprised at how we were able to stand our ground in a scientific setting. I ended up not even being in the “debate” but instead prepared 3 of our students who took a huge step and did it. I was on the panel for Questions and Answers however. I will keep giving you updates as we get feedback. The next forum will be March 23rd and it will focus on current events and social issues and we will have a final forum on April 14th which will deal with the authenticity of the Bible and historicity of the resurrection. Be praying for these ahead of time.

Angels and Mortals - a week of encouragement between everyone in our ministry is going amazingly well. Sunday we did the service at Durango 1st Baptist - we had all of our students sharing stories of what God is doing in their lives as well as a demonstration of 5 spiritual generations (one person got up and said they were discipled by so and so who did the same, etc down to 5 generations). It was a neat time of showing what God is doing on campus. We’ll be doing this same thing at another church next week.

We’ve been organizing and leading a Pastors’ and Leaders’ prayer time, every Tuesday from 8-9 am. We’ve been having an average of 15 to 20 pastors and leaders every week and it has been wonderful. Yesterday I felt like the pastors truly connected with each other as we had a spontaneous time of encouraging each other and telling each other what we valued about each other. God is giving us, as a group, an increased desire to reach our community for Him, together as one larger team, not several fractured parts. It has been a great time.

All that being said, God is so good! Fight the fight to win it!

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