Saturday, November 27, 2010

Evangelism apps!

The God Tools app is a great app! Dakota shared it with us and I am so thankful he did. You should all download it to your IPods / IPads / IPhones. It has the 4 Spiritual laws and KGP on it as well as the Soularium (see a video of someone we shared the Soularium with trusting Christ here). It also has a few other resources. You can get the God tools app by clicking here and then syncing your IPod / IPad / IPhone to your computer. This is a great way to have these awesome tools with you wherever you go and the best part about it - THEY'RE FREE!!! Also try these other evangelism apps: the Jesus evangelism tool app and the Roman road app. I've used the Roman's road scriptures before but haven't used those apps yet but will try them soon to see what they're like. I do know you will love the God Tools app with the KGP, 4 Laws and Soularium (3 of the best evangelism tools ever) all in the palm of your hand! Download it today and let us know how it goes using it! Check out this video about how to start an evangelistic conversation using the Soularium tool (Dakota who clued us into this app is the student sharing with me here - you rock Dakota!!!).

We now have over 50 new ideas for sharing your faith posted here! Please check those out and try them. Also, don't miss yesterday's idea on how to reach bored people for Christ. You'll find yourself using this one all the time.


  1. Sounds great--a great way to reach those who have those i/devices. But what about those who don't have them? Unsaved friends or relatives are a special case. For unsaved friends and relatives, why not try giving them a gift of evangelistic fiction in one form or another? They will be more likely to read or view it and they just might get saved. For more, click on "evangelistic fiction" above.

  2. James, Thanks so much for the link! I will check out your books! Keep up the good work!