Friday, November 26, 2010

How to Reach Bored People for Christ!

Every time I enter a store or business that looks empty I wonder how bored these poor employees must be; stuck there for hours on end without any interaction, just waiting for the excitement of some actual work to do, or a person to talk to. I've always thought there must be a way to make the most of the opportunity and share Christ with them. I've tried various approaches but none seemed that great. This past weekend it finally clicked and I've tried this new idea numerous times since. It works!!!

If you sense the employee in front of you is bored, or if you just realize not much action is going on at the location simply ask something like, "it looks pretty slow in here, do you ever get bored waiting around?" Almost every time I ask that there is an enthusiastic response as if just bringing up the issue gives them a sense of relief. Usually they say, "yes," followed by descriptions of how unbearable the boredom can be. It is at that point that I say, "I always find a little reading material can help out a ton when bored. Here is a little booklet on how you can have a relationship with God. I hope you get a chance to read it next time you're waiting here with nothing to do. By the way, what is your background with God and/or spirituality?" So far no one has turned down the tract (I usually give them the KGP, make sure to have a tract on you before doing this idea; buy the KGP here and see the video on how to share the KGP with someone below) and they are usually very happy to talk to you about their background and to engage in a spiritual conversation. This will bring up an opportunity to share the Good News but just be sensitive, they are on the clock so don't get them in trouble.

Well, I hope you never miss an opportunity to share your faith with a bored acquaintance again! And if you're the one that's bored, why not get out and share your faith, it will definitely add some risk, adventure and spice to your life! I hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving and hope you get a chance to try this idea out sometime soon. Have an amazing day!

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