Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Evangelism idea: An evangelism tip!

The evangelism idea for today is simple but GREAT! A friend of mine, pastor Terry Willis, says his goal when he and his family eat out is to tip their server so much she'll cry tears of joy!!! That is a great attitude! Unfortunately, Christians are known for being terrible tippers (I have known Christian waitresses who have told me this is known by all in the restaurant industry). Erin and I have always tried to tip our servers more than they would ever expect and we always leave a short message on the tip telling them about Jesus! Every time you eat out you have an opportunity to leave a witness for Christ both through giving generously and by leaving a short message. Here is a copy of a receipt from a meal we had last week. We left Beth a tip and a message. You can read more about this exchange at the end of this post. This story illustrates the effect a little generosity and a short message about Christ can have on someone. Also, if you eat out often at a certain location you will soon develop a very good reputation and a very Godly witness. The idea for today is to leave a generous tip (2 Cor.9:6-15) and then write a simple note about Jesus to your server. It takes very little on your end but will have results you can't imagine! Read what happened here and check out this article for more thoughts on Christians and tipping!

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