Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Evangelism idea: Ask an officer for a ticket! (This is a great story)

I just put the video below on youtube yesterday (check out our channel here). It is something I had thought about a while back and told Erin I wanted to do. She told me just not to get a ticket intentionally. Anyway, it happened. Coming back from a day of evangelism on our Crush Fear summer project I was getting excited listening to the students in my car and didn't even realize I was speeding until I saw the cop. When she pulled me over she asked if I knew why she pulled me over and I said yes. It was at this point that I was able to be very honest with her about how I try to obey the speed limit but often catch myself speeding. I asked her for a ticket. She definitely gave me one. All that led to her saying, "we don't meet people as honest as you all that often," which opened up into a conversation about the gospel. So, this is an idea you can just hold on to until you next get a ticket. When you do get pulled over, be super honest and bring up the gospel from there. On a side note: in the video I said I hadn't had a ticket in a decade. I did have one ticket in that span but it got dropped - no points, no fine, nothing. I hope you DON'T get a chance to apply this idea anytime soon but I really hope you will apply it when the opportunity comes up. Check out the video!

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