Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Evangelism idea for July 13-14th - Are you some kind of a jerk?

So the idea for today is a GREAT one. Austin Krokos came up with this. Before I go any further though, if you haven't read yesterday's post, you really need to - you can read it here and it will encourage you!!! You can also get the Nighvision concert evangelism workshop notes and MP3s by clicking here. So back to the idea for today - this one is SO simple and every one of you should try it out today. Ask a simple "leading question" (one that will likely result in the other person asking you the same thing) - "How are you?" They will most likely say, "Good. How about you?" After they ask how you are doing, simply say, "better than I deserve." They will be a bit shocked and will almost for sure ask why you say that (they will wonder if you are some kind of a jerk or a really bad person). You can simply tell them about the amazing and undeserved grace of God that you have received (Jn.1:16). This will inevitably open a door for you to share your testimony and the Good News (bring a KGP or 4 Law booklet). Be strategic and intentional. Pray and go, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and trust the results to God. Ask the question and then have a blast co-laboring with God (1 Cor.3:9)!

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