Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Greatest Performance in World Series History!!!

What a game last night!!! Pujols put on quite the show, setting and/or tying 3 World Series records in a single game. Historic for sure. After the game, Tony La Russa said, "There it is, the greatest night in World Series history. And we saw it." True to form, Pujols pointed back to God and took none of the glory, saying, "I just thank God that I was able to come out today and help our ballclub to win and hopefully I can do that tomorrow again." Read more on this epic performance here and see the home runs hereI've written before on Albert's commitment to Christ and posted his testimony as well (get that here and another video here). I've written about learning an important spiritual truth after listening to a game that Albert did great in (get that here). I've written about how I use Albert to get into spiritual conversations (get that here and get ideas on sharing Christ from all sorts of conversations about sports, including a list of Christian athletes here). Bottom line, it was great seeing Albert put on what was likely the greatest single performance by any payer in any World Series game ever. I hope you get a chance to talk about this great game and to transition to Christ from that conversation. Way to go Pujols. Check out this picture of our family of Cardinal fans at Busch stadium this summer and check out Albert's testimony below that (and learn how to put your testimony together here)! 

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