Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evangelism idea: Baseball!

I've mentioned a few times this summer that a conversation starter that I like to use is baseball. Check out the MP3 below this post about transitioning through the sound barriers and the baseball example specifically! Whenever I wear my Cardinals hat I get tons of comments (probably because Cardinals fans are the best fans - ha ha ha!!!). When I do, I try to strike up a conversation about the Cardinals and baseball and then mention how much I like Albert Pujols (arguably the greatest player alive). I then mention how I respect him both for his talent on the field and his strong faith in Jesus Christ. This opens up the huge transition question, asking them what they're background with Jesus is. This is a super easy transition to the gospel.

I met a guy at a coffee shop recently who commented on my hat. I went through the transition mentioned above and got into and immediate conversation with him about Jesus. He happened to be a believer but the point that sticks out to me is this is such an easy way to get into a conversation!

If you are a sports fan, think about someway to transition to Christ from your team. Then, whenever that topic comes up, you'll be ready! Again, for more thoughts on transitioning from different topics to the gospel, check out the MP3 below. Have a great day sharing the Good News!

Don't forget to check out the rest of the Pujols Family Foundation site here, and check out his testimony below! And, check this out - he just did it again.

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