Monday, July 25, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Erin is finally home!!! This picture was taken at about 12:30 am when Erin arrived home from her mission trip to Cambodia where she and 12 other amazing women were fighting to defeat sex slavery! I am happy to say Eliana, Kara and I survived all 10 days without Mom (but couldn't be happier to have her home). I truly felt like half of me was gone. Thank you Jesus for my beautiful wife. I know you all want to hear stories and it would take forever to go through them all here. You can hear the interview I did with Erin and Laura while they were there by clicking here (it was yesterday's God Solution episode in case you missed it). For more stories about the amazing work happening there, please check out - it will blow your mind. For now, I am thrilled the team is back and extremely proud of them for doing such a great job reaching these precious young girls rescued from tragedy. Check out video, audio and stories from AIM by clicking here.

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