Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zip Line!!! Join us for Crush Fear!

Just a quick post. I hope you've all heard of our Crush Fear summer projects. If not, please check out crushfear.com. Thank you Cross Bar X for having all of us out to try out your new zip line!!! This will likely become something we do at Crush Fear. Anyway, the greatest obstacle to most Christian’s spiritual, social, physical and ministry development is fear. Fear and insecurities have led to unbelief in what God says in the Bible and the reality of that in our daily lives. Fear will not vanish on its own, it must be crushed. That is why we do the Crush Fear Projects. If you are interested in doing one, please sign up now (go to crushfear.com and hit apply). There are currently 60 students from arround the country in the application process so if you're interested, don't wait! The project is filling up fast! You can see the zip line video below! 

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