Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Finally Heard the Gospel!!!

Have you ever been witnessed to? I'm assuming a large percentage of you are already believers because you read this blog about evangelism. You might find that 1st question a bit odd but stick with me for a minute. How often has someone shared the Good News with you? I have always said no one has ever witnessed to me. That was the case until yesterday!!! Yesterday was the 1st time in my life someone took the initiative to share the Gospel with me. I was walking through the Union building and saw some people with the Kiwanis Club giving out info. As I passed by I asked, "how are you all doing?" One of them responded, "better than I deserve." I couldn't believe it. Could he really be applying THAT idea??? You can check out that idea here, we blogged about it a while back. Wondering if he might be trying to witness to me I replied, "why do you say that?" He answered, "because Jesus loves me and my wife more than we could ever deserve." I was so excited I could hardly believe it! Thanks Ryan for taking the initiative to share your faith!!!

While we're thinking about this, ask yourself why it is you don't typically get witnessed to. If it is just averages we're in serious trouble. The stat I hear about evangelism is that only 2% of Christians are intentional about sharing their faith (Christians have to stop believing those 10 bad lies). If so that might be why few people hear the Gospel. I'd prefer to think that the reason I don't get shared with is that people are being led by His Holy Spirit to share with the lost, not other believers. Regardless, more evangelism is definitely needed and I am so excited to have been on the receiving end of intentional evangelism for once! It is exciting to be one of the privileged few who have heard the greatest news and only hope this world has ever known! I pray we'll share that with many more. 

Finally, lest we think the Good News isn't being shared anywhere, remember that over 260,000 people hear the gospel and more than 174,000 trust Christ worldwide every single day (34,000 in South America, over 30,000 in China, 25,000 in Africa, 16,000 in Muslim countries and more all around the world)! Praise God for that!!! Please check out this link for tons of creative and easy ways to share your faith so you can get in the game and be a part of the amazing work God is doing worldwide! Have a great day. 

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