Friday, January 7, 2011

The Top 12 Lies You'll Hear in College!

Classes are about to begin and the onslaught on your faith is being strategized by professors right now! Don't go into this blind. Here are 12 of the biggest lies you're about to hear in college, followed by the answers! Share this with your friends or anyone you know that's headed to college!

Lie #1 - Your professor knows everything.
Lie #2 - There is no absolute Truth.
Lie #3 - All religions are the same.
Lie #4 - Christianity is intolerant.

Lie #5 - The party scene is fulfilling.
Lie #6 - Porn, hooking up and sex outside of marriage are satisfying (get some specific answers to that lie here).

Lie #7 - I can get my life right with God later.
Lie #8 - I donʼt need fellowship.
Lie #9 - Science and Christianity donʼt mix.
Lie #10 - You canʼt trust the Bible.

Lie #11 - College students arenʼt interested in Jesus.
Lie #12 - Jesus was just a good teacher or a nice guy.

So, enough of the lies. Get the truth and answers to these lies by listening to the MP3 below (you can get the notes here).

Also, check out this revealing video about truth on campus!

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