Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Missed the Opportunity!

The conference we've been at all week is here at the Hyatt hotel in Denver and interestingly the entire San Diego Charger team stayed here this past weekend. I got so caught up with the excitement of possibly running into these guys that I completely spaced all intentionality about witnessing to them. I was standing right behind Philip Rivers and said nothing more than, "Hello, do you mind if we get through?" (He was standing in our way). Only later did it occur to me that would likely be the only opportunity I would ever have to share with Philip! Thank God He is faithful and no doubt He will continue trying to reach out to Philip (of course, he could even already be a believer). I missed the opportunity (Col.4:5) but learned a lot and God is still faithful. I just want to learn to not miss those opportunities any more in the future. I know we've all been there, so no matter how many opportunities you've missed, walk in God's grace and determine to walk by faith the next time you get the opportunity to share the Good News! Finally, check these 80 easy evangelism ideas to be better prepared next time you have one of those opportunities.


  1. My favorite method, especially when you know something about the person, their desires, goals, is to encourage them in the Lord! It's so simple. You just say, Hey, Phillip, I'm declaring for you the absolutely best year you've ever had in 'ball, because I KNOW it's the will of God! - or something like that, whatever the Holy Spirit puts in your mouth, but that will usually hook someone one way or another and people almost never turn down encouragement!