Sunday, November 28, 2010


You've probably all heard of the 3 teenagers lost at sea for a month and a half, presumed dead but found alive and rescued this week. What a story! One quote from the story really got my attention. The news article quotes Tanu Filo, Filo Filo's father as saying, "It's a miracle, it's a miracle. The whole village, they were so excited and cried and they sang songs and were hugging each other in the road. Everybody was yelling and shouting the good news." Good news is always worth yelling and shouting and that is the normal impulse when we hear good news and realize it as such; we naturally want to tell everyone about it. This story so parallels the Good News: lost, no other hope, as good as dead, no way out and then, miraculously salvation appeared. It is the same story each of us who know Jesus has experienced and that is very Good News. I want to encourage you to do two things. First, do some introspection and remember who and what you were before Christ. Consider where you'd be without Him. Contemplate the reality that you, like these teenagers, had no other hope. Then, get excited about the Good News (remember Ps.51:12) and pumped about yelling and shouting it to a world that desperately needs Jesus! Click here to put together your testimony in a way you could share it with the world. Second, if this story comes up in conversations you have, bring it around to the gospel by asking those you're talking to if they've ever felt lost. You might use some of the same ideas discussed in the Chilean Miners Rescue post. Have a great Sunday guys! Please pray for Aarol who I shared with last night if you get a chance (more on that later).

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