Friday, September 10, 2010

Stories: Red Letter Gospel

A few days ago we shared the Red Letter Gospel idea. As we've been applying it I have been amazed at how open people are to hearing Jesus' words. This generation really doesn't think highly of "organized religion." They do, however, have a true respect for Jesus. Most of them don't know Him or much about what He says so this little idea is a good way to bridge the gap. As I have talked with students the past week I have asked some of our typical transition questions like, "what has been your experience with Christianity?" I usually follow that up by asking what they think about Jesus. After that I have been giving them the printed version of the Red Letter Gospel linked above. Often students will say, "I think He was a good moral teacher." I always respond to that by giving them a copy of the Red Letter Gospel and asking them to check out hat He taught. I have given this to tons of students in numerous situations. I have given it to multiple hitchhikers. I have walked up to people out of the blue and asked them if they'd be interested in reading Jesus' words to them. I have given it out after a short survey. I have given them out to students I met in the cafeteria. I have given them to students we've met at info tables and our weekly meetings. So far not one student has turned me down! I think we need to recognize the fact that students are genuinely interested in Christ and the reality that He is drawing them to Himself (Jn.12:32-33) and just let Him speak to them! I even got to incorporate it into "The Top 12 Lies You'll Hear in College" linked below. Have you had a chance to share this great little tool? Post a comment about how it went. Well, I had better get going. Life has been great but crazy. Last night 50 people were here for dinner. It was amazing. Have a great weekend sharing the Good News!

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