Sunday, September 5, 2010

Idea: Share the Red Letter Gospel.

If I surveyed 100 college students about their perspective on church, most likely 90% or more would say they do not like the church or organized religion. If I asked those same students what they thought about Jesus I am sure over 90% would have very positive thoughts about him. This having been the case for many years of college ministry I recently put together a short explanation of the gospel straight from Jesus' mouth (the Red Letter Gospel). Every student I've given this to over the past week has been very interested because they are already interested in Jesus! The new idea for today is to share Jesus' words with someone and then follow up more later. Click here for a printable version of that post. Put a phone number or website in the "More Info" section. Then, have a few copies to hand out when an opportunity comes up. I will share more stories about this soon but here is one to show just how easy this is. Last week I gave 3 students a ride up the hill to campus. As they were getting out of the car I said, "before you go I wanted to give each of you one of these papers. It is a few words straight from Jesus to you. I hope you like it." Not awkward at all. They all wanted a copy. Super simple! Next time I see these students I will ask them what they thought. I hope this works well for you and give us feedback on how it works or anything you find that makes this work better. Have a great Sunday!

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