Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Commission Conviction #9 (8/24/08)

The Great Commission starts with “Go.” We must get out of the Church building. Evangelism requires that we go to the lost where they are, not waiting for them to come inside our 4 walls (I wrote this last week and was excited to hear you reiterate this in church on Sunday). We must design outreach around reaching out and going out. We must design discipleship around outreach. The building is just a tool – not the mechanism God uses to change lives. Conviction #9 - We need to get outside. Reach out to neighborhoods, communities and groups in their environments not expecting them to enter ours. Take advantage of your city. Do activity related (relational, action oriented) small groups. This will require you and your staff to meet people on their level. You must be relatable to your mission field – hunt, fish, backpack, Kayak, climb, ski, snowboard or any of the other many things people in your area love. The ideas are endless. Discipleship involves you investing your entire life in them (1 Thes 2:8).

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