Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Great Commission Conviction #8 (8/24/08)

To see the Great Commission become a reality here, we must set up a multiplicational format for everything in our Churches. We can’t have a meeting focus but must maintain a relational, action oriented approach to everything (ministry is a process not a meeting). The pastor and staff should become excellent at delegating. When you do everything you guarantee your congregation will do nothing which guarantees they develop fear and unbelief (James 1:22 yet again!). Delegate whenever you possibly can. Small groups in particular must be set up multiplicationally. Content must be growth not knowledge focused, action and application oriented with integrated personal discipleship in a multiplicational context (group, content and application succession ie. 1-Expose groups, 2-Growth groups at multiple levels and 3-Leadership groups). This means fewer “special topic” Bible studies (ex. Revelation) and instead an emphasis on the next generation of multipliers. This might seem a bit dry to our over stimulated society but that is O.K, the excitement is in the fellowship and the application. Conviction #8 - We must make everything multiplicational, getting away from a meeting focus, delegating as often as possible and focusing on relational, action oriented “Church.” Don’t be afraid to let people fail, that is a vital part of growth. Give people opportunities to grow and personally obey Him inside your Church framework. The pastor and staff have to back out of many areas – instead of teaching always, teach people to teach, instead of leading every event, teach others to lead (remember Jesus sending out the 12 and the 70, alone). We should develop growth oriented Bible studies which this multiply our groups.

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