Tuesday, June 29, 2010

God Loves Secular Humanists Too! - February 21st, 2009

Hello Amazing Team,

Well, after our first open forum I received the first “hate” mail of my life, being called a smug, fumbling bigot by someone I had never met. I replied that I valued and appreciated him and wondered if we could get together for lunch and talk more sometime. The secular humanists who he is friends with called him the most angry person they had ever met! I finally met him at the Creation/Evolution forum (we’ve had a lot more positive feedback coming in from this one) and again asked about getting together for lunch. He replied last night, saying he’d like to get together for lunch, that he enjoys hearing the opposing point of view and with enough encouragement could be “swayed.” Anyway, I think you’re as amazed as me after that! God is doing amazing things in his life! Please pray for this young man, that God will reach him where he is at, even now. We’ll be speaking in Ignacio tomorrow with several of our students. Pray God blesses our time there. We miss and love each of you.

Nate, Erin and Eliana

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