Monday, May 9, 2011

What's in a name? An evangelism opportunity!

What's in a name? An opportunity to share the gospel!!! Seriously, every name presents an opportunity for the gospel. This evangelism idea is so easy and it is a great way to get started working through the sound barriers! Simply ask someone you meet what their name is. Then (quickly), try to think of someone that has influenced you for Christ with that same name. Tell your new friend you have a friend with their same name. Continue from there to share who that friend is and what their influence on you has been. This friend could be a pastor, mentor, encourager or just a friend from church. The bottom line is that as soon as you tell them about this friend and their influence on you, you can begin transitioning into a conversation about Christ by asking what their experience has been with Christianity.  Check out the 4th story (about Chuck) in this post for an example. Well, I hope you enjoy applying this simple evangelism idea!

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