Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The "Jesus Tract"

(Update: here's what happened 1st time we tried this out). The average young person (college students included) have fairly low opinions of the church (they think church is religion and religion is bad), Christians (they think we're all hypocrites) and the Bible (most of them, even Christians, believe it is full of errors). Even though those 3 opinions are all wrong, we can get into trouble when we package the gospel as "how the Bible says you can become a Christian." Jesus, on the other hand, has a great reputation. Young people across the board think He's great (they may not know who He really is but they think highly of Him). To add to the confusion, most tracts encourage a "personal relationship with Jesus" but rarely if ever even quote Him. Christians know the Bible is all His Word but the non-believer your talking with hasn't quite gotten there yet. For the past 2 years I've been wondering how to use that high perspective of Jesus to initiate conversations about the gospel from a better starting point, one of His direct words. In stead of saying, "Do you want to know how the Bible says you can become a Christian" (or something to that effect), I want to ask them, "would you like to hear what Jesus says to you personally?" Based on that premise, I put the "Gospel from Jesus' Mouth" up on the blog last summer and it has become our most read post (with almost 3,000 reads). We have also been handing out printed single page versions of this on campus and everyone seems to appreciate it. I finally got a chance to put it into a "tract" form to be used in evangelistic conversations. I haven't even used it yet and would love your feedback. Get the new tract here. This is just a rough draft but I'd love to see how it works in real conversations. Print it 2 sided front and back, then fold, staple and cut along the yellow border. Then, use it just like you'd use the KGP (see the training video below). You could transition to this tool as you'd transition through any of the sound barriers and then just share this and see how it goes. I would LOVE (!!!) to get your feedback on how it goes and anything you think would improve it. Let me know. Thanks!

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