Sunday, April 10, 2011

Evangelism Idea: Share with a Facebook Ad!

Sharing your faith with a large number of people has never been easier! Go to the facebook ads page here for answers to questions you may have to get started. Create an ad for your ministry, church, website or blog by going to the create ad page here. You will pay around $1.00 per click on your ad but can set the limit you're willing to pay per day (ex. $10 / day). For every click there are usually thousands of impressions (people that see your ad but don't click it). That means for every dollar you spend thousands more will get a quick view of the gospel. Carefully select specific demographic conditions to target your ad to specific audiences (ex. college students in your city). Make sure to use your 25 character title to portray the big picture of the gospel in a unique way (example: Jesus loves you!!!) and then summarize the gospel and your link in the next 135 characters. You probably won't be able to afford to run this forever but for a short time period you can reach a large audience with the gospel and a link to your ministry. I hope you get a chance to try this idea and the many more we've posted!

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