Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Evangelism Idea!

Yesterday was GREAT! We set up 2 tables connected into one long table and had tons of Valentine's related conversation starters out on the table. Brandon and Malcolm (who lead our evangelism team) came up with this idea. We had conversation starters on the table (like the one in the bottom left hand side of the picture) that asked questions like, "How would you define love?" Most people had no good answers but those led into many great conversations about true love! We also had $40 worth of candy spread across the table. Each piece of candy had a valentine taped to it with a verse about God's love for us, a couple of hearts and "Jesus Loves You" printed boldly across the middle. There were 6-8 students sharing pretty much throughout the entire afternoon and we had great conversations with tons of people. I got to share with "M" who is Jewish. This simple table resulted in a great conversation with him about the Messiah and OT prophecy. He was very interested and hadn't heard any of that before. He wants to stay in touch and wants to learn more about the Messiah. He was just one example of the many students that got to hear the gospel yesterday! I hope this idea encourages you and I hope you can do something similar wherever you live! Check out the video below for more!

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