Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #17: Share at the Post Office!

Any time you find yourself in a line think of it as an opportunity for you to share your faith. I won't lie, it isn't always the first thing that comes to my mind either but the Holy Spirit in you will be quick to remind you! It's really pretty simple. Just nod at the person in front of you when you enter and make some comment about the line (just don't complain too much). You could ask something like, "how long have you been here?" Since it's Christmas ask a Christmas related question like, "sending out last minute Christmas gifts?" You could ask an easy follow up question about whether or why they celebrate Christmas (see more about good Christmas questions here). Then begin working through the sound barriers. Those will be easy with this topic. If the line is long enough, and it probably is, you may just get to go through the whole gospel with someone while you wait. Check out a great post office evangelism story by clicking here and give this idea a shot next time you're at the post office. Finally, don't forget to try the other easy Christmas evangelism ideas here and have a very Merry Christmas! It's off to the post office I go!!!

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