Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #25: Happy Easter!

This is the last Christmas evangelism idea of this season. It sounds a little goofy but it's worth a try. My friend Gerry Geraghty always asks, "would there be a Christmas if there were no Easter?" That's a great question and one that has led to the gospel every time I've asked it. We used this in the Christmas Soularium idea. The idea for today is simple and quite funny. Sometime throughout the course of the day try telling someone, "Happy Easter," and then just wait for a response. If they don't say anything you can just tell them you're asking that question to see how people respond and then ask whether they think there would be a Christmas if there weren't also an Easter. If they do catch you ask the same question. In both cases be ready to share the Good News but also sensitive about their schedule and yours. Have a very Merry Christmas and take this last opportunity to try out some of the many other Christmas evangelism ideas we've posted here. 

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