Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #24: Share During Your Christmas Celebrations!

Christmas is here!!! Hopefully you've been taking advantage of this great time of year by sharing your faith most of the past month. Now we're here. Don't stop now! Christmas is a great time to share the Good News with any friends and family you'll be celebrating with that don't yet know Jesus. Hopefully you have picked some great gifts that point people back to Jesus and now all that's left to do is wait for opportunities to share the Good News with your loved ones. Be sensitive and avoid being overbearing but don't miss this opportunity.

First, pray for each of your non-Christian relatives. Don't forget the "divine order." First talk to God about people (in this case, your loved ones) then talk to your loved ones about God. Then use some of the following ideas to get into conversations.

There are numerous ways to share Christ during your celebrations. Whether you're the host or just attending, you could spice up the Christmas party by taking everyone to a Christmas Eve service, singing some great evangelistic Christmas carols together, watching a good movie and telling people about the significance of candy canes or the true story of Santa. Make sure to read the Christmas story from the gospels and relate it to the reason Christ had to come in the first place. Don't forget to share with the kids you're celebrating with as well - they need Jesus too! Another opportunity to share is praying before the meal, which is a great way to point your loved ones back to Jesus. Check out this post by on presenting the gospel naturally while praying for the meal.

Whatever you do, just be willing and take the initiative and look for the opportunities God will bring up! I hope you've had a great time applying all these Christmas evangelism ideas and hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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