Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #15: Help Someone in Need!

Times are tough! With 10% of the population out of work and many more under-employed, I'm sure there are numerous people in your sphere of influence that are pretty needy this holiday season. A great way to share your faith with them could be to start by sharing some money or food or helping them with whatever need they may have. They may even just need some presents for their kids. On that note, we met a lady named Stephanie in front of Walmart; she claimed she needed presents for her kids - if you feel led to help, you can get a hold of her at 435-740-4510. We don't know her and can't vouch for her story but if you want to help her out you can call her. I'm sure there are tons of people just like her that could use some help right now. Every one of them is at a place where they are probably very open to the gospel and will be even more when believers share both physically and spiritually with them. That's the 15th Christmas evangelism idea, share with someone in need and then share the gospel with them as well. If you don't know anyone in need, think about volunteering at a soup kitchen and sharing some food and the Good News with the needy folks there. Have a blast applying this idea (just use more tact than the guy in the hilarious video below) and get even more Christmas evangelism ideas here!

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