Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Evangelism Idea #14: Invite a Friend to a Christmas Production!

This idea should be a blast and an easy way to share the Good News as well. Invite a friend to a Christmas production somewhere in your area. Here are 2 local examples: my home church is doing a Christmas Eve service, Friday at 6pm (get more info here) and there will be a live nativity, with native Navajo costumes and live animals, in Farmington, New Mexico at 6pm this Wednesday, Dec.22nd (Address: 2102 W. Main, Farmington, New Mexico; Phone: 888-325-0255). The picture on the left is a picture of this nativity that I found online. Events like these are fun and Christmasy ways to bring up Christ with your friends. Everyone likes being invited to events like these and whether they come or not as soon as you invite them you've initiated a conversation that can be brought back to the gospel easily. There's only one week left so take the initiative to invite a friend to a Christmas production and use that as an opportunity to share Jesus with them this Christmas! For more easy Christmas evangelism ideas click here. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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