Monday, September 6, 2010

Evangelism idea: Why do you do what you do?

Happy Labor Day!!! Why do you do what you do? Before working in full time ministry I was an Air Quality Specialist. Every week my wonderful co-workers would say over and over again, "another day another dollar." There was no guiding purpose in their careers. Career Vision states that in America, only 20 percent of people are passionate about their jobs, 33 percent believe they have reached a dead end in their career, 21 percent are eager to change careers and only 45 percent of workers are satisfied with their jobs. That being said, a lot of people out there are spending the majority of their time, energy and life on something they aren't passionate about. Most people are clueless about why they are here and what they are here for. Contrast that with the purpose God has created you for (Eph.2:10, Jer.29:11) and the abundant life found only in Him (Jn.10:10). For most of us the workplace is the biggest area God has called us to reach. Over an average lifetime most of us will spend 75,000 hours at work. That's 75,000 hours of opportunities given to us by God to reach this world for Him (Col.4:5). Remember He put you where you are, for this very time to reach your sphere of influence for Him (Acts 17:26-27). That brings us to the idea for today! This is so simple. Ask someone you meet today, or someone at work tomorrow, why they do what they do. If you are a college student ask someone you see today what they plan to do with their life and why. Listen to their answer. No matter what happens it will be great conversation starter and one that can easily be transitioned back to the Good News. When they ask you why you do what you do you can tell them about your life purpose! If you aren't to sure about that, or even if you are but just want some encouragement, check out the MP3 below this post for more on living a life of impact. As you discuss your life purpose remember to share the reason for that - Jesus in you (in fact, the 2 verses before Eph.2:10, the great verse on purpose listed above, discuss this - Check out Eph.2:8-9)! This is a great starting point for the gospel so go into your testimony or a presentation of the gospel from there. While we're on the topic of sharing Christ with your workplace, check out this great post at on "Modeling Christ at Work" and don't miss the "related posts" section at the bottom of that article for even more great ideas. Also check out a ministry dedicated to this very thing (and check out the video about them below). If you need more ideas, see if any of these will work in your workplace. Don't forget Ec.9:10, 1 Cor.10:31, Col.3:17 and 23! I hope you have a blast taking the initiative to reach your workplace for Jesus!

Also, don't miss this great little video on reaching the workplace for Jesus.

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