Friday, August 13, 2010

Plan B

I hope you have been applying the "Casual Friday" idea. I ordered my "save the storks" shirt and have been wearing it. I was hoping it would open up conversations that I could transition to the gospel. Unfortunately, I notice people looking at it but none of them say much. Christian t-shirts can be a powerful tool whether they result in conversations or not (check out the video below - a Christian t-shirt will be viewed on average over 3,000 times before it wears out). I'm not convinced t-shirts are the best conversation starters in day to day life but they are a good tool. I do know for certain, though, that they are awesome conversation starters at work. That is the reason we called it the "Casual Friday" idea. Before going into full time ministry I worked as the Air Quality Specialist for the Southern Ute's (I monitored air pollution). Pretty much every Friday I would wear a Christian t-shirt to work. My favorite was the "Plan B" shirt - with a picture of a circle with Christ on the throne (see the picture). People would always ask, "What is the clock on your shirt all about?" That resulted in numerous conversations about Christ every time I wore the shirt. I would say, "Plan A was the natural direction of my life - living for myself. Plan B, the better plan, is my life with Christ at the center." From there it was super easy to share the gospel. That's just one example and there were so many more! Our Connect shirts on campus always get us into conversations about Christ as well (and we've even had non-Christians ask if they could have them as well). The main idea is to be intentional about sharing your faith daily. This is just one more way you can do that!


  1. Hey! I'm a missionary to Taiwan but I also work with Save the Storks and I really appreciate what your doing both in evangelism (GREAT BLOG!!!) and being biblically solid! Keep up the good work!

  2. Jake. Thanks so much for your encouraging words! How can I be praying for you?