Monday, August 16, 2010

Evangelism idea: What's your status?

You can share the Good News with hundreds of people this morning! Here's how. Your Facebook status or what's happening on Twitter are places you can frequently share the gospel. I know a lot of my Facebook friends are still looking for a relationship with God. Every time you take the initiative to intentionally share your faith on your wall or your status you are opening a door for Christ to work big in peoples' lives. The idea for the day is simple. Make a short description of the gospel message your status and leave it there for a few days. I have 846 Facebook friends and of those I am guessing 200 - 300 don't yet know Jesus. This idea is a very easy way to expose hundreds of those closest to you to Jesus. For all of you about to go to school, having something like this as your status is a great way to take a stand early on for Jesus and that is a huge key to staying strong in your faith at school (if that's you, check out the MP3 below titled "Take a Stand at College"). Almost every time I post something like this I begin getting numerous comments and further discussions often result. Make sure to include all 4 main points of the gospel: God's love for them, the sin issue, how Jesus took care of that and finally, what I must do about it. Make sure to highlight that last point as it will most likely start a bunch of discussions. For more ideas on sharing those 4 points clearly check out page 2 of these notes (titled "what to focus on when presenting the KGP"). And while we're talking about Facebook and Twitter, if we're not friends yet, connect on Facebook here and connect on Twitter here. Thanks! Have a great day and enjoy applying this idea.


  1. Nate, I did the tipping tip the other day! Mikquel and I were talking about how much you encourage us to witness all the time and not just on campus! Thanks for the sweet ideas!