Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Using the Four Laws and KGP to share the Good News!

The "Four Spiritual Laws" are the original version of the KGP. Good tools are helpful in sharing your faith. As our 4 Law training says, "This tool is a simple but complete summary of the gospel. 
It's a great conversation starter: “Have you ever seen the 4 Spiritual Laws?” You can show a person how to receive Christ in a short period of time. It begins with a positive – God loves you. It clearly presents how to receive Christ. It builds confidence – you know what you’re going to say before you say it. And most importantly, it is a transferable method for teaching others to witness. Anyone can use it." In fact, Russ (Akins for those of you who know him) once shared the 4 Laws with a guy who was adamant about not being interested. Russ told him to take the tract and throw it in a junk drawer in case he wanted to look at it later. A while later the guy returned. He told Russ, "You know that booklet you gave me? It isn't for me but I gave it to my roommate and it was for him. He prayed the prayer at the end and everything." Russ was able to contact the guy and follow up with him. The point is, this is a good tool anyone can use. If you want to try a more modern version of this conversational tract, check out the "Know God Personally" booklet (also referred to as the "KGP"). Anyway, it's a good tool. Hope it helps. You can never have too many tools!!! See the video below for an example of how to use this tool to share the gospel with someone. Enjoy it!


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