Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Idea: Casual Friday (or any day)

Wow! It has been quite a week. The idea this week is awesome because you will probably not have to do a whole lot to start a conversation (although I hope you won't quit trying). This is super simple. The idea is to wear a great conversation starting Christian t-shirt. Don't pick anything silly but try to pick one that will pique peoples' curiosity. I suggest buying one from liveoffensively.com if you need one (their whole purpose is to create t-shirts that will bring up evangelistic conversations every time you wear them). We met these guys and they are big time evangelists!!! Check out their shirts here. I am going to buy and wear the "Save the Storks" shirt. This will inevitably bring up great conversations about life which you can always, easily, transition to great conversations about Jesus! You could also find some neat shirts here. The point is to wear a great Christian shirt that will get you in to spiritual conversations. If you have a typical office job and if your office does "Casual Fridays," this is a great time to be intentional about doing something easy that will have tremendous fruit (I used to do this at my pre-ministry office job and it was a blast!). So get a good t-shirt, wear it and be ready to share the gospel when people ask what the shirt is all about. Hint: have a tool ready, like the KGP, if you need one. You can get that tool here (if you live in Durango just ask me and I'll get you some) and see a video on how to use it here. Below is a short video on the t-shirt idea! Also, don't miss the story on how evangelism may have just literally saved a life (read it here).

Read what happened here!

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