Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Idea: Share the Good News with your whole town!!!

I hope you are being encouraged by these ideas and I hope you'll apply this one. Most of you just did the testimony worksheet and put together your testimony. If you didn't yet, you can read the blog post about it here or listen to the MP3 here. With your testimony in hand, I want to challenge you to the next big step! You get to be just like the Samaritan woman who shared with her whole town and saw many people believe in Jesus (Jn.4:39). The idea for the next couple of days is to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. If you live in Durango you can click here to go to the letters to the editor page and click the "write the editor NOW" link at the top of the page. If you live somewhere else go to your local paper's website and go to the letters to the editor page - you'll most likely find the link there. Start your letter by briefly discussing some story in the news that seems hopeless. Then link that to the story of how Christ found you in a similarly hopeless state and saved you (for ideas on transitioning to the gospel click here). Make sure to include the gospel and keep the whole thing concise. You will effectively be sharing your testimony and the gospel with your whole town (and it will only take a few minutes)!!! I would love to eventually get to the point where every day someone in our town is doing this. After your letter gets published, send me the link (e-mail me at neherbst@hotmail.com or just put the link in the comment section below this post). I will make sure to link all your letters in the blog post telling stories about this idea. This will be fun and I can't wait! On a different note, pray for "C" a boy we shared with yesterday who had never heard about God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell or salvation. Also pray for "E," "R," "R" and "J" who Raymond, Jachin, Gerry and I got to share with this morning. It was a GREAT time (after the weekly leaders prayer time) and these people are super hungry for Jesus. The harvest is so, so, so ripe guys (Mt.9:37) - let's get in it! Have a blast, please write your editor and let us know how it goes.

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