Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Health complaints = open door to the Gospel

A grey haired, thick-bearded man on my curb was picking up scrap metal in our neighborhood this morning. I helped him lift up some old chain link fence onto his truck, and he complained about how "his body is not like it used to be". Then he made another comment about how his body was "breaking down". I sensed an opportunity to mention a promise of God's. I asked him if he believed the Bible was true, and he looked at me kind of puzzled. I went on to say that God promises us that when we die, if we know him, we will be given a brand new glorified body. "Are you looking forward to that?" I asked. He said "yes", and told me that he was "born again" and that he is excited to see Jesus some day. We were able to encourage each other for a few minutes, but I think that this is a simple way to transition into a spiritual conversation when people tend to grumble about their failing bodies.


  1. Used this idea as a springboard for my Wednesday Prayer Meeting tonight. We are trying to find easy-to-use methods of turning conversations to opportunities for eternity.