Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another weekend idea: See Despicable Me!

Go watch "Despicable Me," one of the top movies out right now (see the review here - pluggedin gives it good reviews). You can find showtimes and tickets here. You can watch the trailer below. The "film talk card" - has some great spiritual analogies for this movie. They say, "Despicable Me can stimulate discussions about how we treat orphans, what happens when people pray, and the effect parents have on children. Despicable Me can also inspire talk about God's attitude toward fairness, and why we should always choose people over things." Ask someone you meet at the movie or somewhere else (or someone you already know) what they liked about it. Then tell them your favorite aspect of the movie - share something listed in the "film talk card" ideas above. Ask them if they have any thoughts on those issues. You will quickly find yourself in the middle of a great spiritual conversation. Make it a point to share the gospel from there. Erin and I are confined to the house with a newborn so this is an idea we won't be applying. I would love to know how it works though. If you get to do this please let us know how it goes by sharing your story as a comment to this post.

The Herald hasn't yet posted my letter to the editor with my testimony but I will link that when they do. If you didn't get to apply that idea, check it out here.

Once again, please follow this blog and please share it with people you think would be encouraged by it. Also, please leave us comments about what is happening as you apply these ideas.

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