Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evangelism idea for July 10-11th - Soularium!

So the "Soularium" tool is one of the greatest new tools we've seen in a while. I know you won't be able to use this necessarily because few of you have the tool. You can, however, get it here. We will be using this tool conversationally today (you can see a video of that here) but you can also use it at a table or desk in a public place (see the video below). This tool completely disarms people and destroys walls. I've had people tell me, within minutes of meeting them, "I want to be pure again but I don't know how," "I am searching," "I feel like everything around me is dark and I know the light is out there, I am looking but haven't found it yet," "I want my soul to go up (to heaven)," and "I feel like I am rusted out, falling apart, broken and I need someone to come and help me." If you think it would be great having people open up like that within moments of meeting them, you need to get your hands on this tool!!! Check out the video below, order the tool as soon as you can and check back tomorrow for updates on how it went today!

To read about what happened, click here.

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