Friday, January 27, 2012

The One Thing That is Needed

We read of Jesus' friends Mary and Martha, in Lk.10:38-42. Martha was distracted by all that needed to be done. Things really did need to get done. She wasn't just being frivolous. She was upset Mary wasn't helping get things done. Mary was committed to what Jesus called the one thing that was needed. Are you more of a “Mary” or a “Martha”? What do you let distract you from the one thing that is needed? I let far too much get between me and intimate fellowship with Jesus. Remember, one day with Him is greater than a thousand elsewhere (Ps.84:10). 

The greatest ministry activity you can do is to connect with Jesus. 19th century missionary Henry Martyn said, “The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of missions. The nearer we get to Christ, the more missionary we become.” Remember Jesus’ example (Mk.1:35). I hope evangelism and all you do for Jesus will flow from a heart passionately committed to Jesus (Mt.12:34). Get more on this here

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