Monday, December 5, 2011

Beating Temptation and Sin (Dec. 2011 Men's Retreat)

Will you look at those faces? Wow. Who'd think these men had it in them? 50 + men, growing closer to God, singing opera (yep, video coming soon) and decorating Christmas tree ornaments (before taking them out to shoot them of course) smiling joyfully all along. It was definitely a great retreat. We sure missed the 20 men that didn't make it because of the snow but had an absolute blast anyway. We can't wait to see you all in May!!! The topic of this retreat was beating temptation and sin. Russ started it all off with a talk on the power to beat sin, followed by Kyle's description of sin and its consequences, Gordy discussed inside out transformation, I (Nate) went through the 7 steps to immunity from temptation and Brandon did his first ever men's retreat talk and talked about the results of victory. Get all those MP3's below and expect the video soon. Share this post with anyone you think would benefit. 

Russ' talk:

Kyle's talk:

Gordy's talk:

Nate's notes and talk:

Brandon's talk:

Another relevant MP3:

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