Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Discussion on Mormonism

I was asked by a friend in a class discussing families in America to come in and give a presentation on Mormonism. It was a secular class and I wanted to make sure to be well rounded, discussing issues, evidences and areas of disagreement and support for Mormons and most importantly I wanted to share evidence for faith in Christ and the gospel message. I think the talk went great and all the feedback I've heard so far is very positive. I definitely got to share the gospel and had a blast. It was definitely a stretching talk, trying to tie all these issues (Mormonism, family issues, the gospel, etc) together in a coherent way while pointing to Jesus in a non-awkward way. You'll be able to tell I was a bit "off" but I think it came out OK. The notes I put together for this presentation will be a good asset to you. Get those by clicking here. Get the MP3 below. 

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