Monday, October 3, 2011

Leading with Your Spiritual Gifts

God has given all of us unique gifts and talents. A leader uses those gifts to lead well. The MP3 below and these notes (MPM's spiritual gift survey) are meant to help you figure out how God has wired you to serve Him. This is just a survey!!! These results are not conclusive. Your gifts will become more apparent the longer you follow and serve God. This is meant to give you a little perspective on how God has wired you but it is by no means the final description of who God made you to be. It is just a tool and we hope it helps! The 10 gifts we have included in this list are the major gifts listed in Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 and Ephesians 4:11. We have not listed those gifts that are not clearly described in scripture, debatable or have traditionally caused division in the Body of Christ (we understand the gifts don't cause division but we sinful human beings with different perspectives can), with the exception of prophecy (we have included this gift with its widely accepted definition and predominant Biblical usage here). It should also be noted that there are more gifts not listed in those 3 passages (ex. hospitality, Rom.12:13 and singleness 1 Cor.7:7) and all good gifts come from God (James 1:17). We hope God gives you wisdom about any other gifts He gives you. We encourage you to go only to God’s Word as you seek to better understand the gifts and the various ways in which God has gifted you. Jesus is THE example of all the gifts and only He has them all. You are unique! We hope this helps. Remember, it’s just a tool. Our greatest hope is that you’ll use your gifts for Him and His Great Commission! 

Spiritual Gifts described:

Leadership - Leading by organizing people, groups and events and setting the vision, direction and course for a group. Biblical example: Moses.

Evangelism - Sharing the Good News of Jesus’ gift of salvation with those who don’t yet have a relationship with Him. Biblical example: The Apostle Paul.

Encouragement - Encouraging, supporting and building up other believers by affirming them in any way possible. Biblical example: Mordecai.

Giving - Giving your time, talent and resources to help others. Biblical example: Barnabas.

Mercy - Showing compassion, sympathy and love for others. Biblical example: Boaz.

Prophecy - Boldly sharing the truth with other believers and challenging them to live lives of obedience to God. Biblical example: Jeremiah.

Serving - Doing whatever needs to be done to help the team reach the goal and make others’ lives easier. Biblical example: Ruth.

Pastoring - Overseeing a group of believers, over time, helping them grow as the Body of Christ. Biblical example: Peter.

Teaching - Learning and sharing the truth of God’s Word. Biblical example: Nehemiah.

Faith - Trusting God for more than most are willing to and living life with that type of perspective. Biblical example: Elijah.

Get the gifts survey here (more on the power of the Holy Spirit here) and the MP3 below (the video is coming soon). 

Check out the video here:

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