Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leaders Pray!

Prayer is foundational for all ministry, especially outreach and evangelism. We've all heard the "Divine Order" - first talk to God about people and then talk to people about God. That statement is as true as any ever was. I won't ever get God's heart for the lost until I am committed to praying for them. The same goes for those fighting on the front line along side us. I've long made it a goal to pray daily for each of the leaders in our area (unfortuantaley I can't say this goal is one I always live up to, but by God's grace I will continue to try). Praying for each other, as good a start as it might be, is just a start. Until we pray together, we aren't standing firm as one man contending for the faith of the Gospel (Phil.1:27). I don't know why we feel we can win our community alone and I don't know why we all agree on that point yet do nothing constructive to unite towards it. We need to pray together! I'm convinced that if you'll start praying with other leaders in your community, God will begin changing you and them and preparing you for all He desires to do in your community. Every revival in history began in prayer and every revival in the future will as well. We must pray together and then reach out together!

Check out more on this in the MP3 below!

Here's an exciting video about the leaders' prayer time here in Durango:

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