Friday, August 26, 2011

Winning the Spiritual Battle

Perspectives on spiritual warfare range from negligent under-emphasis to gross over-emphasis. Spiritual warfare is not a Christian version of ghost busters. It is something all believers must understand but a solid Biblical perspective on this topic is rarely taught and hard to find. General Patton once said about an imminent battle, “I will either leave this battlefield a hero or a corpse.” That could be said of any believer, in a sense. We will either be victorious in the battle or live a defeated life. For those in any kind of ministry the stakes are even higher. Your enemy will fight you hard and you had better be ready for the fight. Of all types of ministry Satan hates most, those involved in evangelism (shouldn't that be all of us) will face the most opposition because that is the only place in the battle where new ground is being taken; the proverbial front line of the fight. Whoever you are, you need to have a strong Biblical perspective on spiritual warfare. Please check out these notes and the MP3 below!

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