Friday, August 19, 2011

Gas Station Evangelism

Today I was standing in line at the gas station, waiting to buy a drink, when I started thinking about how to get into a conversation about Christ with the ladies at the cash register. I was in town but near where a friend has a church so I thought I would try using something similar to the "ask about church" idea. I asked if they had ever heard of the church my friend pastors in the area to which one of the ladies responded, "Yes! I go there every once in a while." I turned to her co-worker "T" and asked, "what about you, what's been your experience with Christianity?" She said, "I really don't know. My grandparents took me to church a few times but I still haven't figured out what I believe." I asked if her reservations about faith had more to do with a lack of evidence or questions about things that happen in life. She said it was the life questions she was dealing with. I shared a few resources with her and encouraged her to keep searching and then left the station (my wife and daughters were waiting outside). I was amazed at how simple it was to get into a conversation about Christ. It just took a little initiative. I was also blown away at how quickly these 2 young ladies were ready to talk about Christ. It wasn't awkward at all. The harvest really is ripe and people really are interested in the hope you have to share! It was definitely a more conversational approach than the quick, "Jesus loves you" tactic that works in quick opportunities like that (check that out below). If you've never tried the "ask about church" idea give it a shot and have a blast when you do!


  1. I'm horrible when it comes to this. I had at least 2 opportunities to tell someone about Jesus or at least mention him... but for some reason, my tongue froze up (ug.. how annoying). I've always heard that if you are shy about Jesus... then he will be shy about you (when it comes to judgement day)... sigh. Gonna have to get out of that horrible habit. Thanks so much for this! And the video