Monday, August 29, 2011

Create a facebook ad to share your faith!

A quick idea for evangelism is to make a facebook ad for your area. Just type "ads" in the search box on facebook or click "create ad" which appears above other ads you'll see on your profile. When you create the ad you can target specific ages and audiences, for example, your city, neighborhood, school, etc. You won't have much space so you can't write much. Write something that will expose the general concept of the gospel and then link that to  a website or blog where people can find more. You can pay per click or per 1,000 views; either way it is relatively inexpensive (~$1 / 1,000 views). The picture above is our ad for Connect, our weekly meeting this week. I tried to strategically include the part about "Jesus' love, forgiveness and life" as an intro to the gospel. Hope this idea helps you reach thousands in your area! 

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