Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Perspective on Hell!!!

Francis Chan shares some great perspective on hell. For anyone you know that is buying in to all the Rob Bell junk, please share this info. As believers, we need to know the reality of what scripture states and then, out of love for God and others, do everything we can to share the GOOD NEWS of salvation with those around us, before it is too late. Please check out Chan's video below and then check out another video on that topic below. Also, check out these notes from Randy Alcorn. There are a lot of things we don't like (cancer, rape, war, etc.) and that doesn't make them any less real. In stead of pretending things we don't like don't exist (ie. Rob Bell's perspective on hell) we need to start doing something to change those things - like sharing our faith. Hope these videos encourage you!

Here's a message I shared on Hell last fall (you can get my notes here and the MP3 here). 

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