Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I never dreamed the gospel could be shared through my blog by the "founder of the Monmouth County Broom and Brew, the sisterhood triple goddess coven" or featured to 6 million other blogging moms. So when I first heard of the Circle of the Top 25 contest I immediately ruled it out. Curiosity motivated me to glace at the other blogs in the contest where I saw the most high traffic blogs I know of. I thought, "No way, I would make a total fool of myself if I entered..." Read the rest of the story here.

Entering your blog in a contest will widen your audience and allow you to reach into the minds of "pagan witches" like the one talked about above. What a great opportunity for them to hear the gospel as you share what God has done in your life through your blog.

Would you take second to vote here. Just click the link, scroll down till you see my picture and vote. Thanks!

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